Modern Exotic and Oriental Rugs

Caspian Plateau Rug: Distressed flowers and elaborate emblems have been knotted by hand and dyed a moody scarlet to tell tales of faraway lands. No two are exactly alike.

Artistic Rugs by Ruckstuhl

These artistic rugs from Swiss carpet company Ruckstuhl are masterpieces you can walk on! The Night Sky rug by designer Deborah Moss measures just 152cm in diameter – by far the smallest run in the collection – but this beauty manages to pack lots of punch in that small space. Adorned with hand-sewn colored crystals add excitement to the wool felt rug, soft both in color and texture.

Hand Crafted Wool Rugs and Poufs

Casual, comfortable and contemporary, the Mangas line of hand crafted wool rugs and wool poufs by Gandia Blasco (GAN) is an essential for winter-time cocooning, adding instant cozy to any home. Inspired by traditional knit motifs, it’s like dressing your rooms in your favorite scarf and mittens. The hand-tufted, hand-knotted wool rugs pamper your feet. Laid out in front of a crackling fireplace, the style is very apres-ski chic. The color palette of soft greys, pastels and warm browns adds to the softness. Coordinate the look with these matching poufs, offering extra lounging and seating spots in the den, TV room or living area. The irregular shapes add to the artisan, hand-crafted feel.

Designer wool Rugs from Bev Hisey

Using modern patterns that combine unexpected colors and textures, Bev Hisey creates designer wool rugs with a classic finish. Fabulous patterns of complex geometry offer a rhythm and repetition free of ridged straight lines. In Hisey’s Designer wool rugs dark and light colors are juxtaposed for bold dramatic effects. For example deep blue diamonds are framed with earthy light browns for a balanced and grounded feeling. In another carpet the vibrant green on a pale background brings a graphic pattern of lush vegetation. Each carpet is hand tufted and knotted for the best quality of designer wool carpet.