Modern Persian Carpet

French design student François Mangeol has designed Occidorient, an interpretation of a Persian carpet that features Times New Roman letters. The design makes use of the ubiquitous typeface to create a pattern similar to those found on traditional carpets.

Modern Exotic and Oriental Rugs

Caspian Plateau Rug: Distressed flowers and elaborate emblems have been knotted by hand and dyed a moody scarlet to tell tales of faraway lands. No two are exactly alike.

Oriental Rugs in Modern Home

Yes, these rugs are very oriental in design and that is why they are called the ORIENTAL RUGS but they are still cool and smart enough to fit any given modern contemporary spaces.  Indeed, these rugs have been purposely crafted to awaken the magic that happens when the old and the new collide. Whenever you intend to add a feeling of depth, history, and timelessness to your modern surroundings, all you would require is the oriental rugs.

“Playing with Tradition” Oriental Rugs

At design fair Object Rotterdam earlier this month Dutch designer Richard Hutten presented new additions to his Playing with Tradition series of oriental rugs, where the traditional patterns are stretched into stripes. For each hand-knotted wool rug, Hutten carefully selected a point from which the pattern was to be stretched in order to create his reinterpretation. The traditional ends of the rugs retain their decorative fringes while the new sides have been cut off cleanly.