Modern Rugs by Dhesja

Modern rugs are rugs that reflect the latest styles and trends. Style and trends are known to be very unpredictable and temporary. Therefore, rug companies are working extra hard to maintain the newness of rugs to best suit the customer. There are very many styles of modern rugs with different contemporary makes. It is only natural for you to feel that you want what is latest in the market, at least to feel like your are part of the changing times. Modern rugs are known for their creativity in designs.Dhesja offers a great selection of different carpets, which surprise by bright colors and creative patterns.

Floral Motifs Contemporary Rugs

Shanti Paisley Rug: Giant paisleys rendered in wool crewelwork are filled with sketched and painted flora, in a modern nod to traditional Indian motifs.

Jan Kath – Contemporary Rug Art

Jan Kath Contemporary Rug Art is at the forefront of modern carpet design. His work links age-old carpet tradition with the 21st century and combines excellent craftsmanship and top quality hand processed materials including the best Tibetan Highland wool, silk, nettle & hemp fibres, with the visual impact of his designs.

Edition Ruckstuhl Carpets

In comparison with the attention which the design-conscious public repeatedly pays to furniture and lights, carpets are all too rarely the focal point of attention. Yet the type and appearance of textile floor furnishings is certainly no less decisive in creating a room’s atmosphere than is an attractive lamp or a sofa. It is a realisation that seems slowly to be gaining currency of late. Whether this is due to the current “homing” trend postulated by opinion and consumer researchers is neither here nor there. The Edition Ruckstuhl being presented here is certainly another good reason to take a closer look at carpets, a subject which was underappreciated for far too long.