Modern Rugs by Dhesja

Modern rugs are rugs that reflect the latest styles and trends. Style and trends are known to be very unpredictable and temporary. Therefore, rug companies are working extra hard to maintain the newness of rugs to best suit the customer. There are very many styles of modern rugs with different contemporary makes. It is only natural for you to feel that you want what is latest in the market, at least to feel like your are part of the changing times. Modern rugs are known for their creativity in designs.Dhesja offers a great selection of different carpets, which surprise by bright colors and creative patterns.

Flower Pattern Carpets

Just because winter is around the corner doesn’t mean you have to kiss your blooms “goodbye.” Say “hello” to these vibrant, modern flower pattern carpets from Casalis Belguim to ensure your home blooms in style, all year long.

Floral Motifs Contemporary Rugs

Shanti Paisley Rug: Giant paisleys rendered in wool crewelwork are filled with sketched and painted flora, in a modern nod to traditional Indian motifs.

HZL Modern Rugs

HZL rugs prove that the floor is the perfect place to make a massive contemporary statement! Stunning, exclusive style straight from Gothenburg, Sweden – HZL rugs by Henzel are key pieces to accentuate a modern home. Unforgettably bold, the art on some limited edition rugs can be transferred to print and oil canvas as wall artwork… such is the artistic merit of the rugs. HZL rugs are fashioned from 100% pure New Zealand wool and are hand-finished with techniques such sculpting and carving to allow varied construction, in terms of fiber content, pile height and pile type. For only the high-end market, the rugs retail (including shipping) for around $70 per sq.ft.