Decorate Your Room Around the Rug

If you are fortunate to have a blank slate in your room, why not start with the rug, and build the decor around it? This is a great way to start with a bold color, such as orange, yellow, or red and then bring in pops of color in home decor accessories around the room. Consider using neutrals on the walls in whites, beiges, grays, or coffee tans to make the dominant color sing throughout your space. The wonderful point about starting with the floor is it gives you a chance to build a home piece by piece, rather than getting overwhelmed with the rug, furniture, walls, and window treatments all at once!

Modern Rugs by Dhesja

Modern rugs are rugs that reflect the latest styles and trends. Style and trends are known to be very unpredictable and temporary. Therefore, rug companies are working extra hard to maintain the newness of rugs to best suit the customer. There are very many styles of modern rugs with different contemporary makes. It is only natural for you to feel that you want what is latest in the market, at least to feel like your are part of the changing times. Modern rugs are known for their creativity in designs.Dhesja offers a great selection of different carpets, which surprise by bright colors and creative patterns.

“Erased Classic” collection

Jan Kath has incorporated motifs from Italian wall coverings and Indian saris into his classic collection. The timeless, subtle designs lend a noble atmosphere to any room.
These classic patterns also form the basis for the “Erased Classic” collection. The strictly ordered ornamental elements of the carpet are broken up. In some places, the patterns, which were originally repeated perfectly, seem to have been obliterated, soaked with acid and corroded.

Concept Rugs Collection

The carpets in the Concept Collection fulfill the desire for simplicity and directness. Because design is abandoned here, the main focus shifts to large surfaces, color, structure, and quality. “This is a grand entrance for Tibetan highland wool,” says Jan Kath. “Although it is essentially a monochrome surface, a sense of vitality is created by the materials used.