Human Antenna Carpet

A carpet made of loops from conductive thread. By standing on it, your body acts as an antenna. The carpet picks up the radio waves, which your body receives and makes them hearable. When walking on the carpet you can tune it to a certain frequency, like the tuner of a radio.

Puzzle Rug Imperial

Lithuanian designer Nauris Kalinauskas has designed the Puzzle Rug IMPERIAL. Forget the moment of disappointment when the rug you chose failed to fit the place you prepared for it because it was too long, too short, or too wide… Contraforma Studio offers a solution to this problem – Imperial – the innovative interpretation of a traditional floor covering made of separate parts.

Cuma and Cross

Takehiro Ando‘s installations  consisted of interlocking felt components. The felt pieces are available in two shapes, Cuma  and Cross. Ando exhibited the shapes linked to form wall hangings, lighting installations, table cloths, rugs and furniture covers.