Puzzle Rug Imperial

Lithuanian designer Nauris Kalinauskas has designed the Puzzle Rug IMPERIAL. Forget the moment of disappointment when the rug you chose failed to fit the place you prepared for it because it was too long, too short, or too wide… Contraforma Studio offers a solution to this problem – Imperial – the innovative interpretation of a traditional floor covering made of separate parts.

Designer wool Rugs from Bev Hisey

Using modern patterns that combine unexpected colors and textures, Bev Hisey creates designer wool rugs with a classic finish. Fabulous patterns of complex geometry offer a rhythm and repetition free of ridged straight lines. In Hisey’s Designer wool rugs dark and light colors are juxtaposed for bold dramatic effects. For example deep blue diamonds are framed with earthy light browns for a balanced and grounded feeling. In another carpet the vibrant green on a pale background brings a graphic pattern of lush vegetation. Each carpet is hand tufted and knotted for the best quality of designer wool carpet.

Stamp Rugs

Rugs are made to cover the floor in our houses, to make them warm and provide protection for the feet. They have been made of wool for a long time and, even though nowadays the manufacturers can use a lot of different materials, the best and most wanted rugs are made of natural wool. Any way, the material is important, but so is the design. If you have a nice modern home, you will certainly want a special and unique design for the rugs. One of the most unusual designs for the rugs I have ever seen is the “stamp rug”.

Jan Kath – Contemporary Rug Art

Jan Kath Contemporary Rug Art is at the forefront of modern carpet design. His work links age-old carpet tradition with the 21st century and combines excellent craftsmanship and top quality hand processed materials including the best Tibetan Highland wool, silk, nettle & hemp fibres, with the visual impact of his designs.