Artistic Rugs by Ruckstuhl

These artistic rugs from Swiss carpet company Ruckstuhl are masterpieces you can walk on! The Night Sky rug by designer Deborah Moss measures just 152cm in diameter – by far the smallest run in the collection – but this beauty manages to pack lots of punch in that small space. Adorned with hand-sewn colored crystals add excitement to the wool felt rug, soft both in color and texture.

Silhouette rugs by Object Carpet

One of the first hand-stitched carpets dating from the century and was discovered in the Valley Pazyryk. It was protected by a thick layer of ice time for 25 centuries. A Russian ethnographic mission managed by Rudenko and Griaznov started five mounds excavated here in 1929. A splendid carpet was discovered in 1949 during excavations at the 5th mound – one of the carpets of the period ahemenida which was kept until today at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

Puzzle Rug Imperial

Lithuanian designer Nauris Kalinauskas has designed the Puzzle Rug IMPERIAL. Forget the moment of disappointment when the rug you chose failed to fit the place you prepared for it because it was too long, too short, or too wide… Contraforma Studio offers a solution to this problem – Imperial – the innovative interpretation of a traditional floor covering made of separate parts.

Cuma and Cross

Takehiro Ando‘s installations  consisted of interlocking felt components. The felt pieces are available in two shapes, Cuma  and Cross. Ando exhibited the shapes linked to form wall hangings, lighting installations, table cloths, rugs and furniture covers.