Oriental Rugs in Modern Home

Yes, these rugs are very oriental in design and that is why they are called the ORIENTAL RUGS but they are still cool and smart enough to fit any given modern contemporary spaces.  Indeed, these rugs have been purposely crafted to awaken the magic that happens when the old and the new collide. Whenever you intend to add a feeling of depth, history, and timelessness to your modern surroundings, all you would require is the oriental rugs. It is important to know the right blending tricks or otherwise you may end up with a disaster in your modern living spaces. The right idea is to look for tribal rugs viz. Shiraz or Hamedan Persian rugs as they feature bold and geometric designs and colors   At all times avoid using the floral patterns and look for something on the lines of a  jewel laden rug painted in a bold color.

2 Responses to “Oriental Rugs in Modern Home”

  1. kim says:

    I’ve recently bought a soft Persian carpet for my room and it is an amazing underfoot. With its rich color, it also adds the dramatic flair I really needed to complete certain sections of my room.

  2. This is the living prove that a Persian carpet can change a room, even if we talk about a very modern one, with so many beautiful decorations. The carpet is the main visual attraction of such a room and I’m sure that any other decoration is invisible for your visitors as long as you have a Persian carpet in your room.