Silhouette rugs by Object Carpet

One of the first hand-stitched carpets dating from the century and was discovered in the Valley Pazyryk. It was protected by a thick layer of ice time for 25 centuries. A Russian ethnographic mission managed by Rudenko and Griaznov started five mounds excavated here in 1929. A splendid carpet was discovered in 1949 during excavations at the 5th mound – one of the carpets of the period ahemenida which was kept until today at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

And now we have modern carpets that can decorating every house to look appealing and more presentable. The silhouette rugs edition was designed by the Object Carpet.The entire collection it’s available in different shapes and sized. If you want to add a royal touch to your house and make it look interesting then you will certainly not want to miss on these carpets.

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