“Erased Classic” collection

Jan Kath has incorporated motifs from Italian wall coverings and Indian saris into his classic collection. The timeless, subtle designs lend a noble atmosphere to any room.
These classic patterns also form the basis for the “Erased Classic” collection. The strictly ordered ornamental elements of the carpet are broken up. In some places, the patterns, which were originally repeated perfectly, seem to have been obliterated, soaked with acid and corroded. This creates an entirely new formal language. Just as they can specify color, materials, size, knot density, and design, customers can choose the degree of erosion according to their individual taste. The aesthetics of transience and decay represent a driving force to Jan Kath. In this regard, he has been inspired both by his visits to the world’s largest cities and, very significantly, his own home, the Ruhr. Derelict mines, weathered old storehouses, and the way nature reclaims space are of particular interest to him, as is the area of tension between old and new. The carpet photo shoot for the current catalog was set in industrial sites; the destroyed ornamental elements of the carpet are the link between the raw look of the buildings and the refined materials. “Perfection and smoothness are boring for our eyes,” says Kath. The designer explains the fascination of handwoven carpets: “Machines don’t make mistakes. While it is true that the work of our weavers at manufacturing sites in Kathmandu is perfect, irregularities still arise due to the manual weaving of natural materials. These ‘programmed errors’ are what make the carpets so inspired and alive. To a large extent, they are what creates the depth of the design.”

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