Edition Ruckstuhl Carpets

In comparison with the attention which the design-conscious public repeatedly pays to furniture and lights, carpets are all too rarely the focal point of attention. Yet the type and appearance of textile floor furnishings is certainly no less decisive in creating a room’s atmosphere than is an attractive lamp or a sofa. It is a realisation that seems slowly to be gaining currency of late. Whether this is due to the current “homing” trend postulated by opinion and consumer researchers is neither here nor there. The Edition Ruckstuhl being presented here is certainly another good reason to take a closer look at carpets, a subject which was underappreciated for far too long.

Edition Ruckstuhl is, in short, nine authors, designers and artists and twelve out-of-the-ordinary limited edition carpets. This traditional Swiss carpet manufacturer, world-renowned for its design awareness and its quality “Made in Switzerland”, is entering uncharted territory with this collection.

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