Contemporary Wool Rug

A sculptural creation that transforms area rugs into an alien surface of reaching tendrils, the Lasa Merino Wool Rug makes a dramatic statement in contemporary interiors. Cosy and soft, the Lasa Wool Rug features a wonderful depth and texture. The long tubular fingers reach up as if growing from a dense pile of fine wool. Made from the finest New Zealand merino wool and using cutting-edge technology, the fibers are felted around a dark yarn core for a clearly defined contrast of color. A 2006 winner of the prestigious Reddot design award, the Lasa Merino Rug engages the imagination and creates a unique sensory experience.

4 Responses to “Contemporary Wool Rug”

  1. Sio Chan says:

    Great! Rug That Looks Like Coral !!!

  2. Lorie Torres says:

    If you have a catalog or magazine that uou could send I would love it.Thanks. 9213 Cobblestone hill dr OOltewah tn 37363

  3. clayton says:

    where can this rug be purchased?